Payroll and HR (re)invented

People to People

We love what we do! We work with the growth engine of our economy, small and mid sized businesses, to help them grow and save them money by simplifying their Payroll and HR needs.

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Technology built for you, not us.

Our Cloud based Payroll and HR system allow businesses to access their data and processes securely anytime, anywhere.

Our technology is always evolving with the needs of our clients, and provides clients tailored solutions to meet these dynamic needs.

We solve problems that others will not. Why let your payroll company squeeze you into their systems?

We make our system fit your business.

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Customer Service, not automated phone calls

Tired of waiting on hold, calling far off lands or speaking to Artificial “Intelligence”? So are we, that’s why we love when our clients call for support. We promise you will speak live to one of us here in Ramsey, NJ.

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