Human Resources, human again.

Together, we can build a better workplace.

One platform, all of your information.

One system to run Payroll, manage employee benefits, track performance reviews and timelines. Use the same system to monitor employee licensing, certifications and Continuing Education requirements; even track who is using your company cars, keys and mobile phones.

New Employee

Employees enter their own demographic and withholding data online, we will automatically upload it into your system and even send the state and E-verify requirements, less paperwork for you to file and better for the environment.

Mandatory Labor Law Posters

We’re all required to have them, make sure yours are compliant. State and Federal Labor laws change often, from State or Federal minimum wage changes to Family Leave Laws, we keep track of these so you don’t have to. We send you annual laminated posters and will call to notify you of any changes, along with updated posters to your email throughout the year.


Our HR Library is the one stop for all of your HR Tools, Forms and Attorney Reviewed Guidance on running your business. We all need Employee Handbooks; hiring, firing and discipline happen, we have guidance on that. Healthcare keeps changing, we give you the tools and guidelines you need to know in real time, at your fingertips to ensure you're always compliant.

Employee Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)

Wrongful termination, sexual harassment, contract breaches, wage law violations are all lawsuits you may face when running a business, we are here to help you protect your business against these huge costs, averaging over $70,000 per case, with EPLI coverage.


You didn’t go into business to handle payroll, benefits and compliance but we did. If your Human Resource time cuts into your core business time, AdvantEdge HR has the answer. Our proven comprehensive, tailored services allow you to concentrate on core business while we assume your HR functions.